How does a gestalt therapy session go?

Through dialogue, the clients in therapy shares their difficulties with me, which gets in the way and makes them suffer in their lives. Based on our feelings, our individual emotions and our relationship in the present moment, we will look together at how they adapt to their environment and how they get what they need or not? What mechanism repeats itself and brings it to an impasse?

Without having to understand “the why”, the client becomes aware of his “how” and of the possibility and his capacities to do otherwise. Together and in the benevolent framework of the therapeutic relationship, we are experimenting with new ways of doing things to restore fluidity in one’s life.

The cycle of therapy:

Firstly, there is the first session, the one during which we meet, discuss and assess together if trust can be built between us. This longer session (around 1h30) allows you to take the time to talk about your problem, your life context, your story and choose together how we are going to work.

The next few sessions (from 2 to 6) allow us to create this confidence, the therapeutic alliance essential to relevant and in-depth work. These sessions also make it possible to clarify unclear situations and refine the subjects on which we are going to work.

Weekly sessions continue for 1 year, 1 1/2 years or even longer if you decide to work on several topics.

Depending on the needs, individual work can, after a few months, be supplemented by group work, making it possible to work on one’s relationship with others but also to benefit from the work and experiences of others to advance faster, in a more concrete way, by experimenting, daring to act differently in a benevolent context.

The end of a therapy is decided together, with the implementation of post-therapy follow-up (spaced therapy sessions, new therapy sessions, possibility of therapy session at the client’s request). In the therapeutic relationship, the connection remains.

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